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Network Marketing – Who Are Your Friends?

I have always invested time reading. A man I met many years ago told me I wasn’t reading enough about business and network marketing. He would not listen to me saying I didn’t have time or the books weren’t interesting.

Instead he suggested I leave to pick my daughter up from school ten minutes early each day and I invest those ten minutes reading. He gave me a huge list of his favorite books and said it really didn’t matter if I read cover to cover or skipped around. He felt the important step was developing the habit of reading every single day.

I have also always invested time planning out my marketing strategies. This habit came from a woman I was friends with many years ago when my daughter was in kindergarten. This woman had a husband in business and knew the importance of daily marketing. We became great friends and she asked me weekly how my marketing was doing and what I had accomplished that week. I actually still have a birthday gift her daughter gave me. It’s a home-made notebook with ten ways to advertise my business. This ten year old girl knew from her dad the importance of marketing and advertising.

These are the types of friends that you want when you run a network marketing business. These are people that are supportive and are wonderful to spend time with.

Over the years I’ve received many emails from people saying things like “my friends all tease me about my network marketing business” or “my friends make fun of me because they think I’ve joined a pyramid.”

I have another friend who is very involved in the non-profit sector here in town. When she is needing funds for one of the organizations she is a part of, she calls me. She knows I’ll do everything I can to help the group earn as much as possible from the fundraiser. Throughout the year I’ll also provide her with small door prizes and incentive gifts for her other fundraisers.

Take a look at the people you call “friends.” Are they people who support you and your business? Are they people who will talk shop with you from time to time and strategize with you? Are they people who run businesses themselves and can share ideas and tips with you? Or are they people who want to tease you and make fun of you?

Who you spend your time with can really make a difference in the growth of your business.

6 Internet Marketing and Social Media Strategies to Grow Your Brand Awareness

One technique used today to build greater membership levels is using a combination of Search Engine Optimization, a LinkedIn group page, Twitter announcements of leads, and using a company blog.

I have used these technique to go from a membership of twenty nine thousand to over forty six thousand in a matter of three months. This was all with a daily marketing budget of five dollars.

This rapid growth also brought an average income of two dollars per month per member, which equates to a little over ninety two thousand dollars per month. This has allowed my companies and services to become known through our industries as invaluable sources of leads as well as being incredibly inexpensive.

2. In addition to these strategies, another tactic which can be used is to allow your members to supply content to your site.

3. Other strategies used to develop membership growth is posting videos to a YouTube channel to basically provide video documentation of the events that I review/attend. Whether this be conferences, expos, or networking events, they all bring traffic back to my web sites.

4. I use OnlyWire and to publish updates to all of my bookmarking and social media pages automatically.

5. Much success can also be achieve tons of success with Twitter as much of the people that need their events, companies, and products publicized have accounts on Twitter. Twitter has also helped me get my proverbial foot in the door of many companies around town.

6. Facebook Fan Pages are slowly growing fans organically (without Ads or other number boosting techniques) and they are usually loyal. Many people have mentioned recently that if done differently, they purchase advertising for their Facebook fan pages right off the bat.