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Home Business Growth Depends On Marketing Diversity

It is so sad that over 90% of all home businesses fail because there demise could have been easily avoided. If the business owner had marketed properly from the beginning there business would be thriving today. Marketing online is without a doubt unique and different from any other type of marketing. Your home business must be marketed on a daily basis through many different sources. If you do not market properly your business will bite the dust just like many before.

When marketing your home business always focus on variety. A good way to maintain this focus is by creating a daily marketing routine. For example, set up a small AdWords campaign especially in the beginning when you are first starting out. By doing so, you will receive a steady flow of traffic to your website. Therefore, you can focus on going through your routine and nothing else. An example of a strong marketing routine is as follows: write an article then submit it, write a press release then submit it, spend time is a forum posting relevant information and finish it off by placing ads on Craigslist. A marketing routine such as this one is also a great example of search engine optimization. By engaging in this type of routine you will build up free traffic to website over time. This is the case because according to SEO by placing quality materials throughout the Internet daily, your website will become indexed within the search engines and achieve a higher and higher ranking.

A great way to end your daily marketing routine is by spending a half hour or so looking for new free marketing outlets. New marketing means are born every single day especially on the Internet. Your home business will never have a shortage of marketing methods so constantly look for and evaluate new ones. A great tools for accessing your marketing campaign is Google Analytics which is free. This tool will track your website traffic everyday and put all data into graphs and statistics. Thus, you can visibly see which marketing means produce the most traffic for your site and which ones do not work well at all. Never be scared to try new marketing techniques, just make sure to evaluate whether or not they work.

Stock Market for Dummy

It is not easy to start trading on the stock market when you have no financial background at all. It shouldn’t be difficult to prosper, though, if you follow certain guidelines. Being organized and disciplined are two very important factors in this business. Don’t let all the information you gather confuse you. Make sure important decisions are taken before you start risking your money.

Decision 1 – Investing or Trading?

The answer to this decision can be found in the type of person you are and the time you intend to dedicate to the stock market. Here is a guideline that should help you understand the type of investor or trader you can be.

Type: Long/Short term investor

Hold Period: Months to Years

Time Required: A couple of minutes every week

Being an investor is different from being a trader. Investing can be done through a broker and shares bought can be kept for a long period of time. Daily market fluctuations are not really your problem and the time required to check your investments is really minimal.

Type: Swing Trader

Hold Period: Days to Weeks

Time Required: A couple of minutes every day

Swing traders normally buy and sell shares every week, with the intention to hold to their positions for only a couple of days, sometimes a week or two. Being a swing trader, more time is required in front of your computer, or on the phone with your
broker, and the profit is made as a result of a move in a stock that occurs in a short period of days.

Type: Day Trader

Hold Period: Minutes to Hours

Time Required: Several hours every day

Being a day trader is the ultimate in stock market trading. This requires a good setup which should include a PC with a couple of monitors, and a fast internet connection. Day trading is not for everyone, but if mastered could be the most profitable form of buying and selling shares on the stock market.

Decision 2 – Fundamental or Technical?

Buying or selling a stock should always be a result of a trading system already in place. If not, that is where trading becomes gambling. A trading system can be either based on news and figures related to a particular stock, known as ‘fundamental trading’, or one could have a system based on charts and analysis of the stock, known as ‘technical trading’. A combination of the two can also exist, but normally traders tend to stick to either one or the other system.

Again, this decision is also based on the type of person you are. If you are a person who likes watching news every day and don’t find problems in getting to know all there is to know on a particular stock, getting to know about the company, its directors, what they really do, their products and services, then trading based on fundamental analysis could be for you. If on the other hand, you prefer working with charts and software that can be used as a technical tool, as well as back-testing systems, then you would probably feel much more comfortable trading the technical way.

Beyond the decision

Whatever decision you take, one of the most important aspects of trading is to stick to your system and your plan. Don’t improvise during market hours. If your system is not trading profitably, you can always go back and see what’s wrong at a later time when you are not trading.

This is only the beginning. You can never stop learning about the stock market. Don’t rush into it just for the fun of it. Treat it as a business, from which one day you can reap great benefits from.